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Present machines overview
Section Machine name Model Qtty  Output  Manufacturer  Note
LAB Manual injection machine BOY 15 S 1 Don’t use
LAB Automatic injection machine MA23 1 Clamping Tonnage 23 ton China
LAB Data colour 1200-1597 1 USA
LAB Non-woven machine N/A 1 China Don’t use
LAB Film blower 7323 1 Australia
LAB Light box GTI MiniMatcher 1
LAB LabTech Single screw extruder LE 30-30/GV 1 5 kgs/hrs Labtech Thailand
LAB Drying Oven Memmert 30-1060 1 Memmert Germany
LAB Automatic injection machine MA900 IIS/280eco 1 Clamping Tonnage 90 ton Haitian Taiwan New
LAB Spectrophotometer Xrite Ci780 1 Measurement Time: 2.5 seconds Xrite USA New
LAB Melt Flow Index QC-652S 1 Temperature 50oC to 360oC Cometech Taiwan New
LAB Lab Twin Screw Extruder KTE-20B 1 5 – 15kg/hour Nanjing Yountary China New
PROD Single screw extruder (NPC) VC-90 1 30 – 60kg/hour Japan In progress of maintenance
PROD Coperion extruder STS50 1 80 – 150kg/hour Coperion China
PROD Anfu extruder SHJ-60 1 80 – 150kg/hour China
PROD Xinda extruder SHJ50 1 50 – 100kg/hour Xinda China
PROD Labtech Extruder (No 5) LTZ26/40 1 10-25kg/hour Labtech Thailand
PROD Labtech Extruder (No 6) LTZ26/40 1 10-25kg/hour Labtech Thailand In progress of maintenance
PROD 45mm Single John extruder Telford Smith ( T.S.E. ) 1 20-30kg/hour Australia
PROD Mixer Henschel FM-600 1 250kg/Batch Germany
PROD Mixer Henschel FM-500 1 200kg/Batch Germany
PROD Mixer Henschel 2 75kg/Batch Germany
PROD Mixer Papenmeier 1 75kg/Batch Germany
PROD Garbage pressor PP3-2 1
PROD Drum mixer 2


Tuyển dụng nhân sự tháng 09/2019


V/v: Tuyển dụng nhân sự tháng 09/2019

Do nhu cầu bổ sung nhân sự cấp thiết, Công ty TNHH Masterbatch (Vietnam) thông báo về việc cần tuyển dụng các vị trí sau:

1.Nhân viên quản lý chất lượng hạt nhựa màu

Mô tả công việc:

Kiểm soát, quản lý chất lượng hạt nhựa màu

Phối màu, đảm bảo sản xuất theo đúng công thức từ phòng kỹ thuật

Tìm hiểu nguyên nhân lỗi sản phẩm khi có khiếu nại từ khách hàng

2. Yêu cầu tuyển dụng:

Tốt nghiệp chuyên ngành Hóa Polymer (không cần kinh nghiệm)

Có khả năng nhìn màu, phối màu

Vi tính văn phòng và Tiếng anh giao tiếp tốt

Trung thực, nhiệt tình công tác.

Ưu tiên: nơi ở hiện tại Long Thành, Biên Hòa.

Mức lương: thỏa thuận

3. Quyền lợi:

Có xe đưa rước cho nhân viên TP.HCM – Long Thành.

Bảo hiểm xã hội, Bảo hiểm y tế

Thưởng Lễ, Tết,…

Môi trường làm việc chuyên nghiệp, năng động.

Thời gian làm việc: Thứ 2 – Thứ 6, 8h – 17, thứ 7 làm cách tuần.

4. Hồ sơ yêu cầu

CV cá nhân

Chứng minh nhân dân (bản gốc)

Các bằng cấp liên quan đến yêu cầu tuyển dụng.

5. Nơi nhận hồ sơ:

Công ty TNHH Masterbatch (Vietnam)

Địa chỉ: Số 15, Đường số 6, KCN Long Thành, Đồng Nai.

Điện thoại: 09 333 19969 / 0909  302 758





Ropes, plastic ropes

Ropes have a structure of many strands of vegetable fibers, fibers, hemp, twine, nylon yarn, … braided together tightly in a spiral. Today, it is usually made from wire rope and has a common diameter of about 1 cm, durable enough to hold a ton of furniture and withstand the health of gaur.
Ropes are used in many different areas of everyday life.
Use ropes to make knots to make furniture, home decorations, souvenirs, bracelets, …
Ropes are used for recreation or sports exercise such as: playing tug of war, jumping rope, swing, swing, balancing on the rope, ….

Industrial net

Plastic netting is an essential mesh product, contributing positively to the economic and social development of a country. Quality plastic mesh products are used from urban to rural areas, industry to agriculture, mining to fisheries … and are also the right hand to support effectively in key economic activities such as: production, business, trade, animal husbandry …
PVC netting is also another name for plastic nets, they possess outstanding advantages that few products have such as: cheap, durable, non-toxic, good elastic, heat resistant, friendly. environmentally friendly, reusable many times … and can be purchased at any store dealing in electricity and water, construction materials.
The growing mesh industry has created a variety of cheap and good quality plastic nets that serve the needs of consumers. Typical of which are plastic coated mesh (different thickness), laminated plastic mesh (diamond, square or hexagonal).
Commonly used plastic mesh products:
– Grid covered works
– Fishing net

– Agricultural nets



Furniture and appliances

Household goods are goods and products used within households. They are the tangible and movable personal property placed in the living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, family rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, recreation rooms, hallways, attics, and basements and other rooms of a house.

Examples of household goods include air conditioners, baby items, baking dishes, beds/bedframes, blankets, bedding, linens, towels, blenders, mixers, bookcases, books, bureaus, dressers, wardrobes, cabinets, can openers, chairs, clothes dryers, coffee makers, computers, cooking utensils, couches, sofas, love seats, sectionals, sofa beds, curtains, curtain rods, drapes, decorative items, desks, dishes, dishwashers, entertainment centers, fans, freezers, (drinking) glasses, hand tools, hutches, irons and ironing boards, lamps, lawn chairs, (table) linens, mattresses, (home) medical equipment, microwave ovens, mirrors, pillows, pots and pans, refrigerators, rugs, sewing machines and notions, silverware (flatware), sheets, sofas, sofa beds/futons, space heaters, stereos and radios, tables toasters and toaster ovens, tools, towels, toys, televisions, vacuum cleaners, umbrellas, robotics, and washer/dryers





tarpaulin or tarp, is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material, often cloth such as canvas or polyester coated with polyurethane, or made of plastics such as polyethylene. In some places such as Australia, and in military slang, a tarp may be known as a hootch. Tarpaulins often have reinforced grommets at the corners and along the sides to form attachment points for rope, allowing them to be tied down or suspended.

Inexpensive modern tarpaulins are made from woven polyethylene; this material is so associated with tarpaulins that it has become colloquially known in some quarters as polytarp.







toy is an item that is used in play, especially one designed for such use. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life in society. Different materials like wood, clay, paper, and plastic are used to make toys. Many items are designed to serve as toys, but goods produced for other purposes can also be used. For instance, a small child may fold an ordinary piece of paper into an airplane shape and “fly it”. Newer forms of toys include interactive digital entertainment. Some toys are produced primarily as collectors’ items and are intended for display only.

The origin of toys is prehistoric; dolls representing infants, animals, and soldiers, as well as representations of tools used by adults are readily found at archaeological sites. The origin of the word “toy” is unknown, but it is believed that it was first used in the 14th century. Toys are mainly made for children.The oldest known doll toy is thought to be 4,000 years old.

Playing with toys is considered to be important when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us. Younger children use toys to discover their identity, help their bodies grow strong, learn cause and effect, explore relationships, and practice skills they will need as adults. Adults on occasion use toys to form and strengthen social bonds, teach, help in therapy, and to remember and reinforce lessons from their youth.


Colored beads should have the following characteristics to meet the needs of the plastic toy industry:
1. Odorless, non-toxic, chemical stable, resistant to acids and bases.
2. Should have high concentration, good dispersion. The surface must be smooth and have stable color and high durability.

Pigments in color masterbatch are available to achieve ideal dispersion, and can ensure color stability in many product batches. Keeping the chemical stability of pigments and other auxiliary substances, reducing the thermal decomposition of plastic resins. Because of the good mixing effect between color and plastic particles, conventional or artificial mixing equipment can be used. It is very convenient to apply.



This color beads is suitable for bodybuilding frame, outdoor ball, beach toys, magnetic control toys, music toys, jigsaw toys, building blocks, rattles, bed or car decoration cars, resins, pet chew toys, air guns, model cars, trains, military aircraft and weapons, dolls, entertainment equipment, revolvers, battery-powered carts, trailers, cribs, train tracks and indoor play equipment.






Recruiting Employee Color Coordinator

Job Description
– Developing plastic granular color formula.
– Carry out quality control on all finished goods and in-coming raw materials.
– Maintain, operate and calibrate laboratory instruments.
– Prepare and pack resins samples for customers.
– Analyze rejected finished goods from customers and report to the superior.
– Assist in product trouble shooting, test method evaluation and instrument calibration, support production.
– Follow Good Laboratory Techniques and Safe Operating Procedure.
– Perform any other duties as assignment from your superior.
– Maintain lab cleanliness, implement 5S in technical department.

– Degree in Chemical Engineering/Chemistry or equivalent;
– 1 – 2 years in working experience in laboratory preferably in manufacturing concern;
– Strong analytical skill;
– Excellent communications, interpersonal and marketing skills;
– PC literacy for report generation and preparation.
– Good self discipline and able to work independently.

Other Requirement
Level: College
Age: 23 – 35
Type: Permanent

Tel: 02512875999