Present machines overview
Section Machine name Model Qtty  Output  Manufacturer  Note
LAB Manual injection machine BOY 15 S 1 Don’t use
LAB Automatic injection machine MA23 1 Clamping Tonnage 23 ton China
LAB Data colour 1200-1597 1 USA
LAB Non-woven machine N/A 1 China Don’t use
LAB Film blower 7323 1 Australia
LAB Light box GTI MiniMatcher 1
LAB LabTech Single screw extruder LE 30-30/GV 1 5 kgs/hrs Labtech Thailand
LAB Drying Oven Memmert 30-1060 1 Memmert Germany
LAB Automatic injection machine MA900 IIS/280eco 1 Clamping Tonnage 90 ton Haitian Taiwan New
LAB Spectrophotometer Xrite Ci780 1 Measurement Time: 2.5 seconds Xrite USA New
LAB Melt Flow Index QC-652S 1 Temperature 50oC to 360oC Cometech Taiwan New
LAB Lab Twin Screw Extruder KTE-20B 1 5 – 15kg/hour Nanjing Yountary China New
PROD Single screw extruder (NPC) VC-90 1 30 – 60kg/hour Japan In progress of maintenance
PROD Coperion extruder STS50 1 80 – 150kg/hour Coperion China
PROD Anfu extruder SHJ-60 1 80 – 150kg/hour China
PROD Xinda extruder SHJ50 1 50 – 100kg/hour Xinda China
PROD Labtech Extruder (No 5) LTZ26/40 1 10-25kg/hour Labtech Thailand
PROD Labtech Extruder (No 6) LTZ26/40 1 10-25kg/hour Labtech Thailand In progress of maintenance
PROD 45mm Single John extruder Telford Smith ( T.S.E. ) 1 20-30kg/hour Australia
PROD Mixer Henschel FM-600 1 250kg/Batch Germany
PROD Mixer Henschel FM-500 1 200kg/Batch Germany
PROD Mixer Henschel 2 75kg/Batch Germany
PROD Mixer Papenmeier 1 75kg/Batch Germany
PROD Garbage pressor PP3-2 1
PROD Drum mixer 2


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