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Industrial net

Plastic netting is an essential mesh product, contributing positively to the economic and social development of a country. Quality plastic mesh products are used from urban to rural areas, industry to agriculture, mining to fisheries … and are also the right hand to support effectively in key economic activities such as: production, business, trade, animal husbandry …
PVC netting is also another name for plastic nets, they possess outstanding advantages that few products have such as: cheap, durable, non-toxic, good elastic, heat resistant, friendly. environmentally friendly, reusable many times … and can be purchased at any store dealing in electricity and water, construction materials.
The growing mesh industry has created a variety of cheap and good quality plastic nets that serve the needs of consumers. Typical of which are plastic coated mesh (different thickness), laminated plastic mesh (diamond, square or hexagonal).
Commonly used plastic mesh products:
– Grid covered works
– Fishing net

– Agricultural nets



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