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This color masterbatch series is designed for PP, PE, PET, PS, ABS, HIPS and other resins. We design and manufacture color beans according to “food safety law” requirements, in particular according to the requirements and characteristics of food packaging. Raw material meets GB9685-2008 standard “hygienic standards for food containers, packaging materials and additives.” Our products meet the relevant hygiene standards for food packaging materials. in China, some of them meet FDA standards in the US and LFGB in Germany.

Currently, there are several problems with domestic food packaging materials.

Safety issue

1. The free-polymer monomer in paper and plastic products can decompose and enter food. The degree of contamination depends on the material concentration and the degree of incorporation and flow of the material.

Our solution
1. Control the entire concentration of small molecular processing auxiliaries such as stabilizers and antioxidants added during the plastic molding process to reduce the presence of the most contaminated particles as much as possible.
2. Select additives with stable structure and relatively large molecular weight. Because of their structural properties, they will not be infectious and ensure food safety.
3. All additives are selected according to the requirements of FDA certification in the US.
2. The heavy metal content in pigments is harmful to humans.
Color masterbatch is a kind of plastic dye and certainly includes some pigments that may have additives containing heavy metals, which are harmful to the human body.

Our solution
1. Collaborate with pigment suppliers to improve the production process and develop new environmentally friendly pigments that meet the needs of reducing heavy metal content.
2. Choose a new inorganic pigment that does not contain heavy metals.
3. The company’s laboratory is equipped with heavy metal detector to control the heavy metal content in each product. We guarantee our products can meet the food safety needs of America and Europe.

3. Fluorescent pigments and fluorescent brighteners are harmful to the human body
Fluorescent materials can cause mutations that are harmful to the human body. They can receive electromagnetic or radioactive waves with shorter wavelengths than ultraviolet light and visible light.

We can convert this energy into visible light at longer wavelengths to produce whiter and brighter light. However, if fluorescent materials exceed certain levels, they can become carcinogenic.

Our company prohibits the use of pigments and whitening agents containing fluorescents in food packaging, hygiene products, and children’s toys. We have detection devices like UV lamps to detect fluorescence.

Dispersion issues

Packaging materials like white film usually require good coverage. White granules use titanium rutile pigment which has the highest refractive index and has a strong covering effect. It is usually added to colored seeds about 60-70%. However, nano-sized titanium pigments can absorb each other thanks to their strong intermolecular forces. If they disperse poorly, they will agglomerate easily.

Our company uses advanced packaging technology to minimize surface energy and reduce the interaction force between pigments. At the same time, the color masterbatch is extruded with a water-soluble pigment carrier. They have high concentration and good dispersion, clean and uniform in color.

Odor problems

Plastic products can produce unpleasant odors because of the additives used in the manufacturing process.

Our solution:
1. Change of additives
For example, phenol stabilizers are replaced by low-odor zinc stabilizers. The animal-derived amino lubricant is replaced by oleic acid and plant-derived eruxic acid.

2. Use purer seed bearing
Micro-sized monomers in the polymerization process will cause an unpleasant odor, so using plastic with less residual monomers can eliminate this odor. Some newly developed gills have very little odor in production.

3. Because of the smell of pigment caused by residual sulfite, our company will cooperate with pigment suppliers to eliminate residual odor during sulfur removal.





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